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• 9/13/2015

Thomas in FNaT3...

I'm curious as to know how Thomas works in FNaT3. No, not Withered Thomas, but normal Thomas. I know that he appears sitting in the office rather than the hallway, and I heard that he somehow moves depending on the player's actions. If Jfun or someone else who knows how he works sees this, please tell me!

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• 9/19/2015

Hello! I am the founder of the wiki, i just wanted to tell you that thomas works like every single train/animatronics it doesn't depend on the players actions, he works like any other simple train/animatronic

- AnonMarkai(AKA Greg Hortex)

• 9/20/2015

Thanks Anon! My other question is, where does he enter through? The vents?

• 9/21/2015
He enters through the hallways
• 9/21/2015
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• 9/22/2015

Okay, then who moves through the Party Rooms and Vents? GTS (yellow train)?

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