Chuck is night guard of five nights at Thomas's series. He's trying to survive all 5 nights to get one dollar. This means he is technically better than all the night guards in the Freddy series as he appeared in all four games.

In the first game he only earns $1 after five nights, meaning 20c a night. Although this would be illegal, it is possible that the game is set in 1906 due to the low wage and the fact that coal is used to power buildings as well as steam engines for transportation. However the later games all have cameras, being set in the 1980s, meaning that Chuck must've been an immortal vampire like Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897).

Another theory is that the Fat Controller used almost all the money earned to buy cigars he can shove up his own asshole as heard in the phone calls, bribing his lawyer so he could pay Chuck below the minimum wage.

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