Five Nights at Thomas's 4: The Final Chapter is the fourth and last sequel to the Five Nights at Thomas's series

Gameplay Edit

jfun300 uploaded a short youtube video called "I Look Good". This video is showing spoilers from FNaT 4(Actually a preview of FNaT 4)

Teasers Edit

  • May 15th: jfun300 posted a news article on the FNaT 3 gamejolt page, the news article is tittled "Onion" and the news article shows a image with the Shrek The Final Chapter movie cover with the name "FNaT: The Final Chapter"
  • May 18th: Once again, jfun300 posted a new news article tittled "Welcome Back" and the image shows the FNaT 1 office, in the corner you can see the text "Welcome Back"
  • June 2nd: This is not really a teaser but on this day jfun300 created the FNaT 4 gamejolt pages
  • June 28th: A teaser featuring the Shrek Animitroinic's head on a plate with the caption "Honey! Dinners ready!"

Tittle Screen Song Edit

jfun300 uploaded the Tittle Screen Song on the same day


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