Five Nights At Thomas 2 Edit

Five Nights At Thomas 2

Five Nights At Thomas 2 Is The Second Installment in The Five Nights At Thomas Series

The game was published to Game Jolt on

Feb 4, 2015, By Jfun300 Edit

GamePlay Edit

The Game Features Brand New Gameplay With Simular Mechanics To The The Original.

The Game Added A Camera System, in the camera system, A new feature allowed the player to refill the coal furnace on the camera instead of manually refilling it

The Game added 3 ways the trains could come in instead of one

Teaser Trailer Edit

Five Nights at Thomas's 2 Teaser

Five Nights at Thomas's 2 Teaser

This Is The Teaser Trailer For Five Nights At Thomas 2

Animitronics/Trains Edit




Withered Thomas

Tips Edit

If your door is closed and any of the trains are at the doors. When you flash your light on the doors they will appear darker when if there are no trains at the door it will be brighter

Discription Edit

Welcome to the new Thomas's Pizza Railway! We now have more trains, doors cameras, pizzas, Thomas's, ect. We have also relocated to Canada after some "incide

nts" at the old location. But at least pizza is now only $4.99! Also PRO TIP TIMES! The trains bang on the door when the leave! Also the camera cuts out for a second when one moves.


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