Five Nights At Thomas 3 is the third official sequel to the Five Nights at Thomas´s series. The game is set in 1986.

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Notice In The Trailer One of the settings is vent. This was probably an early similar concept for sealing The Vent and you probably had to turn it on once no animitronics were in the vent so you could breath
Five Nights at Thomas's 3 Trailer

Five Nights at Thomas's 3 Trailer


The story of FNAT3 takes place many years further in the story's timeline in an older version of Thomas' Pizza railway from FNAT2, turned which has turned into an attraction ever since the day Sir Topham Hatt's work had been handed to Chuck's cousin after he had disappeared. Sir Topham Hatt and the other evil ghosts have possessed the Trains. Which Mr. Hatt's soul haunts the oldest leader, and his name is Golden Therdos Schmidt.

Gameplay Edit

The game is extremely different from the first two games, such as: the lack of doors, the camera system is now sideways, & there are even more cameras that now have names and codes, like Cam (x). Two vents were added, now if someone is in the hallways the player must flash the flashlight on then. The power usage remains, but recovering it is easier, now the player must go to the camera and click the switch and turn on the generator, but if the generator stays on for too long it will overheat and won´t turn on again. There aren´t new trains at all, they are pretty much the same, their jumpscare are a bit different, like Percy now shows redshot eyes while geting closer, there are now two know hallucinations in-game, the first one is Sir Topham-Hat with a clown face very similar to the Puppet from FNAF 2, the second one is Thomas in the office with glowing eyes staring at you.

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Five Nights At Thomas 3 is the third game i the FNAT series


Five Nights At Thomas 3

The Game was published to gamejolt on

Mar 17, 2015 by Jfun300 Edit

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With the new interface, the game felt more like a five nights at Freddy fangame


The Game Features Five nights with an extra sixth night. Sadley There is No custom night

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Withered Thomas




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Sir Thopom Hat, He appears randomly to some lucky players. He appears to look a bit like the marionet

Sir Thompom hat

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Welcome to the newest location of Thomas's Pizza Railway! This new loacation is now owned and operated by a man named Chuck. Its been about 2 years and 1 day since the old location closed. Technically its not a new location they just took the old location and gave it a MAKEOVER :D! Anyways nobody can understand what Chuck is saying so people don't know how much the pizza costs. It costs $97.99 for a pizza, an extra $21 for toppings.

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