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New trains

Five Nights at Thomas 2 Edit

This game is the oficial sequel of the first five nights at thomas, it was published on Gamejolt on 2nd February 2015 and developed by Jfun300, here are some of the new mechanics added:

New Trains Edit

The game introduced three new trains, Percy, the green train, James, the red train and a new improved thomas (Because there's a withered one that might possibly be the old one that wandered in the first game). The fat controller

New Hallways Edit

The game also has two new hallways, one on the left side and one on the right, there's also the central one that already appeared in the prequel game.

Camera System Edit

You have a camera system unlike the first game, however, the cameras don't have numbers and not even names, just a square for location, there's one extra camera on the right hallway that is where the new Coal Machinery has been moved.

Mechanics Edit

Are almost the same, close the doors if someone is in one of the hallways and go to the Coal Machine to keep power on, but now the Coal Machine is on one of the cameras, instead of in the player's office.