Sir Topham Hatt is a supporting character in the Five Nights at Thomas series. He serves as the phone guy in Five Night's At Thomas's and Five Nights At Thomas's 2.

Five Nights at Thomas 1 Edit

In the Night 1 phone call, welcomes the Chuck on his job as a security guard at Thomas's Pizza Railway and introduces himself his conductor, as Sir Topham Hatt, tries to tell chuck some "useful information", his mother starts calling him for dinner and Sir Topham Hatt tells her to shut up, Dowager scolds Topham and then he apologies

He gets more obese and greedy as the series progresses. In FNAT 2, he starts another Thomas restaurant with "a lot of money", updating with three doors but only so that two extra trains can 'kill' Chuck, so there's one less paycheck for the week. In FNAT 3, he gets caught by James (red train) and gets raped with his funnel, injecting a yellow fluid into his ass which transforms Topham into the Marionette Monster, leader of the ghost trains. In FNAT 4, he tries to get revenge on Chuck for surviving his three previous restaurants. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled.

Phone call's

Night 1: hello and welcome to Thomas's pizza railway. I'll be your conductor Sir Topham Hatt. I'm here to fill you in on what you need to do for your job as a security guard at Thomas's pizza railway.

Topham: And some other useful information that you can use is that

Dowager: Honey dinner's ready

Topham: uh OK?

Dowager: hurry up before it get's cold

Topham: um some other useful information that you may be able to use is that SHUT UP!

Dowager: get down here now, hey don't speak to your mother that way!

Topham: sorry mom, i'll be right there!

Dowager: You better be!

Topham: you SHUT UP! um SOME OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION THAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO USE IS THAT you.. uh you need to put coal in the furnace by the way.

Dowager: I'm coming up in there!

Topham: You better not, MOM GET OUT OF MY ROOM, MOM

Dowager: Let me in!

Topham: MOM!!!!

( door opens)


Dowager: BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!

(a whipping sound can be heard)


Night 2: good job you made it to night 2. You know I had some problems because of my very large structure, at least that's what they told me uh, i had some problems with getting to night 2. Uh so yeah, uh oh um before I go, what you heard last night you tell NOBODY ABOUT THAT! my mom loves me so much you don't even know OK OK good, have fun and good luck.

Night 3: hello hello, I see you made to the third night, good job I guess (sigh). You may be wondering why i'm acting so sad, well you see. ME and my girlfriend........ we um......... we........ we broke, we got into a little fight and we, we broke up. For me it's (starts to Cry) EH (sniff) EEEEEH , HAVE FUN AND (sniff) GOOD LUCK, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Night 4: Congratulations, you made it to the fourth night, WOW! you should mark that as an achievement, I mean we all know that train's trying to kill you. But, there's not like any story or anything really.

(siren could be heard outside)

Dowager: honey the cops are here.

Topham: oh oh crap oh crap CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

Dowager: Whoa!

(pushes past his mom, and shuts the door)

Topham: OK, so um you know what uh i'm just gonna go and uh have fun, uh good luck and uh yeah i'll be right back, AH JESUS CHRIST, I mean DOWN AND UP!

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