Sir Topham Hatt is a supporting character in the Five Nights at Thomas series. He serves as the phone guy in Five Night's At Thomas's and Five Nights At Thomas's 2. In the Night 1 phone call, he gets into a fight with his mother, Dowager Hatt, who ****s him in his ***hole using a 17 inch strapon *****, causing Topham to scream.

He gets more obese and greedy as the series progresses. In FNAT 2, he starts another Thomas restaurant with "a lot of money", updating with three doors but only so that two extra trains can 'kill' Chuck, so there's one less paycheck for the week. In FNAT 3, he gets caught by James (red train) and gets raped with his funnel, injecting a yellow fluid into his ass which transforms Topham into the Marionette Monster, leader of the ghost trains. In FNAT 4, he tries to get revenge on Chuck for surviving his three previous restaurants. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled.

Gallery Edit

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