Withered Thomas is an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Thomas 2, as well as Five Nights at Thomas's 3.

Appearance Edit

He appears like the normal Thomas, but withered. His middle wheel is missing and his eye is poking out, also he appears to have blood on his body and he's dirty. He may be also Thomas from the first game.

Behavior Edit

He starts moving on Night 1 and attempts to enter the Office via the central hallway. He starts in the Back Camera (the farthest from the Office), and then he appears in the central camera, and then appears in the central office door. If he appears there, the player must close the door to avoid a jumpscare, neglecting it will cause him to jumpscare the player.

Locations Edit

He starts in the Back Camera, then he appears in the Central Camera, and then appears in the central office hallway.


  • He is the only animatronic that has a true start location.
  • He's also a counterpart from Thomas, making it the first counterpart in the whole game.
  • He appears to be dirty and have blood on his body when he's in the camera or hallway, but not in his jumpscare.
  • He appears in FNAT3 on the floor of the back camera like he has in FNAT2.



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